Strategies catering for learner diversity
A.High achievers
  1. A year-round programme – “Project A” – for Form 5 high-achievers has been organized to stretch their academic potential. Through this, study groups, sharing with experienced teachers, alumni and fresh graduates who achieved outstanding academic results, and workshops on interviews and JUPAS course selection have been organized. On top of these, supplementary tutorial groups on various subjects will continue to be organized with the support of teachers and alumni.
  2. Participation in “The Piloting Scheme for Secondary Schools - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Dual Program” by which students gifted in mathematics or science subjects could receive accelerated learning and earn university credits. In 2012-13, having the status of a Seed School, CSWCSS has successfully admitted twenty students into the HKUST’s Dual Programme.
  3. Assessment of data
    Compiling, analyzing, distributing and reporting assessment data e.g. internal exam results, HKDSE Practice Papers Pilot Study for Core subjects (organized by HKEAA), external assessment results such as HKDSE, HKAL, HKCE, SVAIS and stakeholders’ surveys, APASO and etc to relevant parties concerned as a basis for curriculum planning and informing good practices in the classrooms.
  4. Nomination of gifted students for off-campus external training opportunities.
    From time to time, our gifted students have been nominated and accepted into HKAGE where they receive training in different domains e.g. science and mathematics enhancement courses; leadership training and even psychology courses. Some have been invited to participate in its “Nurturing the Gifted” Scheme.
  5. Self-regulatory learning through web-courses for junior form gifted students.
    In recent years, some of our junior form students have enrolled into the EDB Web-based course such as “The Rise of Contemporary China” organized by EDB Gifted Education Service. 
    In 2012-13, EDB web-courses by the Gifted Education Section in other domains e.g. Mathematics, Astrology, Earth Science have been applied for in collaboration with the Computer panel, the Maths panel & the I.S. panel.
  6. In recent years, supplementary regular training in Mathematics and Science by Maths panel and IS panel has also been provided. External competitions e.g. HKMO, HKIMO, AMC, AIMO and IJSO are sought for these participants to widen their horizons and exposure.
B. A Standing Committee catering for learning advancement for S1 – S5 students with learning difficulties has been established with members of various functional committee heads. The focus of this committee is to enhance the self-efficacy and independent learning of the concerned students.
  • Weekly English enhancement workshops for senior students with the support of our native English teacher. 
  • Tutorial groups in various subjects to enhance learning progress for senior form students;
  • An after-school extended learning class has also been provided for a selected group of junior form students.
For example,
  • Purchase of a package of on-line past HKCE & HKDSE exam question banks for 7 subjects; English e-learning platforms;
  • Language Across Curriculum (LAC) in F.1 (IS, LS and ENG) and through reading period
  • School-based reading curriculum
    Reading Task Force has designed regular reading lessons with follow-up tasks which are graded for students of different abilities. 
  • Examination scripts of successful students in various subjects are reviewed to shed more light in improving our teaching and learning strategies.
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