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2017-12-29Special Timetable Arrangement in January 2018



2017-11-30Special Timetable Arrangement in December 2017

2017-11-26Congratulations to our Mathematics Team!

We initiated the Leadership Training Programme for Elite Students in Mathematics (數學尖子領袖培訓計劃) in the school year of 2017-2018. One of the objectives of this programme is to prepare young mathematicians for taking up challenges of international competitions. In this school year, totally 7 teams of students joined the World Mathematics Tournament Competition (WMTC) which was held from 22th November to 26th November 2017 at Beijing. One team of six students from our school (Cheung Teen Mathematics Team), two teams of six students from different catholic diocesan primary schools (Joint Catholic Diocesan Primary School Mathematics Team) and four teams of six students (our students were also involved) from different catholic diocesan secondary schools (Joint Catholic Diocesan Secondary School Mathematics Team) took part in the Advanced Level, Intermediate Level and Junior Level of the WMTC.

We are glad that our students 3B Wan Tsz Wai and 3C Ng Yuk Fung were awarded the Silver Medal. 2C Hui Ting Kwan, 3B Lam Ka Chai Markus,3C Ng Ching Hin, 4A Wang Zhao Zhong, 4A Tsang Hei Tung and 5B Tin Kan Shing were awarded the Bronze Medal, 4B Chan Yin Wai was awarded the Merit Prize. The team formed by the above students were also got the Merit Prize.

Apart from a gifted education training programme for talented Mathematics students, this programme also served to cultivate CSWCSS students’ leadership and self-management skills. Through this collaborative activity with catholic diocesan primary schools, we could also showcase CSWCSS' progressive Mathematics curriculum amongst local schools which might in turn help advance the future development of Mathematics education.

2017-11-24Pui Ching Secondary School Macau visited our school

CSWCSS Sports department has awarded the chief executive award for excellence in education in 2015. Our department always takes a proactive role in sharing experience in teaching and learning with other schools. On 24th November 2017, ten PE teachers from the Pui Ching Secondary School Macau visited our school and observed training practices of various school teams, including track and field team, Volleyball team and basketball team. One of the highlighted activities was to introduce the computerised Long-distance running chips for the accurate time measurement during PE examination.

2017-11-20The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2018 – Hong Kong Screening

Category: Science Competition
Date: 2017-11-20
Host: Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB)

The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2018 – Hong Kong Screening is co-organised by the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB), the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education. The screening aims at identifying scientifically gifted students at junior secondary levels for training in advanced science subject knowledge. It is also expected that students’ collaboration skills, critical thinking skills, creativity, and communication skills would be enhanced through this IJSO student training programme. After the intensive training programme, six students may be selected to represent Hong Kong to participate in the 15th International Junior Science Olympiad to be held in early December 2018. The competition will usually last for 10 days.

This year, six students from our school participated in the Screening and they received one 1st Honour Award, one 2nd Honour Award and two 3rd Honour Awards. The awardees are as follows:
F.3B Lam Ka Chai Marcus 1st Honor
F.3C Chiu Ka Ming 2nd Honor
F.3B Chan Pak San 3rd Honor
F.3B Wan Tsz Wai 3rd Honor

Lam Ka Chai Marcus and Chiu Ka Ming were selected to attend the training programme jointly organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the our school science KLA also started up a series of training courses for these two students. We hope they can represent Hong Kong to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad in the coming year.

2017-11-11The 3rd Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education Student Biennial Conference

Category: Award
Date: 11/11/2017
Host: Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education

The 3rd Hong Kong Academy of Gifted Education Student Biennial Conference(香港資優教育學院第三屆學生雙年會議) was held at the HKAGE on 11/11/2017. The conference aimed to showcase students’ study projects and demonstrate their learning achievements; facilitate intellectual exchange among students; and inspire students to further develop their study projects through exchanging ideas with renowned academics in the field. This year, five of our students were invited to share their experience in scientific research to guests and other gifted students. They are:

F3C Chiu Ka Ming
F3C Shiu Chun Hey
F3C Cheung Ka Wing Alexander
F5A Lam Tsz Ying Tony
F5B Wu Yibin

2017-11-10List of Record Breaker of Inter-School Swimming Competition 2017-2018

List of Record Breaker of Inter-School Swimming Competition 2017-2018

2017-11-08Gifted Education School Network Initiative (STEM Education)

The EDB has been attaching great importance to the nurturing of gifted students and actively supporting schools and teachers to cater for gifted students according to the Three-tier Model promulgated in 2000. In order to promote holistic planning and sustainable development of school-based provision for gifted students and cultivate a sharing culture amongst secondary schools for the betterment of school-based gifted education, some schools that are well developed in particular field were invited to participate in the School clusters organized by the Gifted Education Section (EDB). Our school was invited to join the STEM Education cluster this year and among the first school to share our rationale and strategies for nurturing students with high potential in science on 8/11/2017.

Launching Ceremony of the School Network Initiative: From left to right: Mr Chan Kam Hung, Mr Wat Hoi Tim, Mr Leung Kin Tak (EDB), Mr Wong Yiu Fai, Mr Tsany Tin Tak (EDB), Mr Ng Chi Wai, Mr Cheng Paul, Mr Chu Kin Fung, Mr Chin Ho Wai

2017-10-19Congratulations to 5C Fong Ka Yu on breaking the record in the Inter-school Swimming Competition(Div.1)

2017-10-14Information Day2017-2018

The School Information Day was held on 14 October 2017 with about 2000 participants who were parents and students of primary schools. Apart from attending one of the two sessions of the School Principal’s talk, our guests also had an enjoyable time strolling around our school campus and taking part in a wide variety of activities run by our students.

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