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Publish DateTitleCategory
2017-09-20Barbecue Gathering for Chinese Orchestra (*)General
2017-09-18VIP Scheme-Tennis Training (*)General
2017-09-18中文科中六文憑試寫作班 (*)General
2017-09-18Science Society Activity- Film Appreciation Earth: One Amazing Day (*)General
2017-09-18相伴同行師友計劃HAPPY再相聚 (*)General
2017-09-18Training for Table Tennis School Team (*)General
2017-09-153B Class Club ActivityGeneral
2017-09-15Enriched IT Class InnoTech Society (F.1-2)General
2017-09-15Promotion Criteria and Continuous Assessment (F.1-6)General
2017-09-15中一長跑隊入選 (*)General
2017-09-15Cross Country Race (A grade and B grade)General
2017-09-15Cross Country Race (F.1-2 C-grade)General
2017-09-14F.6 L.S. Enrichment Classes (*)General
2017-09-14訂閱經濟科課外讀物 (*)General
2017-09-14Pipe Organ Programme (*)General
2017-09-13Enriched IT Class (F.2)General
2017-09-13Training Date of School Choir (*)General
2017-09-13Harmonica Band Training Date and Tuition Fee (*)General
2017-09-13Training Dates and Tuition Fee of String Orchcestra and Instrumental GroupsGeneral
2017-09-13Training Date and Tuition Fee of Symphonic and Marching Band (*)General
2017-09-12Hong Kong Secondary School Model United Nations Conference 2017 (*)General
2017-09-12F.1-3 Advanced Bilingual Course (ABC) (*)General
2017-09-11Board Game with Jesus (F.1-3)General
2017-09-11圍棋/象棋研習班 (F.1-3)General
2017-09-06Training for Basketball Team (*)General
2017-09-06Enriched IT Class F.3 Teaching Schedule (*)General
2017-09-06Enriched IT Class F.4 Teaching Schedule (*)General
2017-09-06天主教同學會全年活動 (F.1-3)General
2017-09-05The Tutorial Class for F.6 Biology GroupGeneral
2017-09-04Dreams Born Career Planning Programme (4D)General
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